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One stop\Turn key solutions for ticketing for festivals, events, show, theme parks

We provide the following services to take the pressure of your event planning with our ticketing solutions:

Offline/Server Based Ticketing Software

Web/Cloud Based Ticketing Software

Generic Tickets and Wristbands

Pre-printed Tickets or Wristbands

BOCA Printers (Sales/Rental)

Our ticketing solution gives you one less thing to worry about, during all the chaos of planning an event.


Generic thermal tickets and wristbands comes in a wide range of sizes and colours
In the main, we recommend the 140mmx50mm format with a 25mm stub as most suitable. (Think of the tickets you will get from Computicket, TicketPro or Tixsa)
Wristbands also comes in a range of colours and in a 25mm x300mm format

ETS Boca Generic Stock

Custom Tickets/Wristbands

We design and manufacture a range of custom tickets and wristbands


Pre-Printed Tickets

Pre-prints are generic thermal tickets supplied with your event details, in a range of colours, in the 140mmx50mm format with a 25mm stub
Wristbands are the same in a 25mm x300mm format
All tickets and wristbands can be scanned with a smartphone or scanner for validation

ETS Boca Pre-Prints

Our Projects

Zimbabwe Agricultural Show 2019
We provide:
Accreditation Software
Ticketing Software
Scanning Software
Custom Designed High Security Tickets
Boca Printers
Zimbabwe Agricultural Show
Zimbabwe Agricultural Show 2019
Gold Reef City Theme Park (Johannesburg)
We provide BOCA Printers
Gold Reef City Theme Park
Gold Reef City Theme Park
Theme Park
Ushaka Marine World (Durban)
We provide BOCA Printers
Ushaka Marine World Logo
Ushaka Marine World
Theme Park


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